Inland Transport

Route surveys are a form of risk assessment mandatory for all new routes and destinations. Transeast Ltd will sent out trucks to transport cargo only after the route assessment report has been reviewed and confirms that the route is safe and secure and/or that adequate controls have been put in place to eliminate or minimize danger to staff, equipment, client cargo and communities.


Details of the route assessment reports are cascaded down to convoys or individual drivers transporting on the respective routes prior to departure. We use route surveys also to identify alternative routes especially to remote destinations where safety and security conditions could change any time.
Assessment reports are reviewed and if necessary amended each time a convoy returns from a trip. This enables us to have up to date information of route status.

Material Handling

Equipment available for offloading and positioning: All equipment available for lease or day hire.

Heavy Haulage


This division handles transportation of heavy and ultra heavy as well as out-of gauge loads on specialized trailers drawn by task specific trucks. We have a capacity to move loads as heavy as 500T through most difficult terrains to new and existing client destinations. We have transported earth moving equipment to start up client projects such as mines.


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