Project Management




Having multi-discipline personnel with qualifications and backgrounds specific to the task, provides Transeast Limited with team members who possess a varied skills and are easily adaptable to changing customer requirements.
This team prepares timely and accurate reports on a daily basis or at a frequency requested by the client. The team uses state of the art computer based system to determine position of the trucks within the Eastern Africa region as far eastern DRC and Southern Sudan.

Status Reporting

clearing and forwardingClients are constantly updated on cargo status. Such updates include the physical position of the cargo and issues pertaining to Customs and Revenue authorities of respective countries as well as estimated times of arrival.
The company has personnel and key border crossing points to facilitate clearing and verification processes for trucks and cargo. This serves to expedite border crossing which is one of the bottle necks along transit routes.
Transeast gives opportunity to clients to track their cargo via internet based software using secure login credentials. This software integrates both GSM and Satellite technologies to give real time information for the client’s convenience.


Assistance to Procurement


We also offer logistics services to clients in far flung destinations to assist them acquire specialized tools, equipment and onsite services.

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