Project Cargo


Rig Moves


Transeast has a proven record in successful drill rig movement in oil and gas exploration areas. Notable examples are rig shunts for oil and gas exploration companies in Northern Kenya and Lake Albert valley in Uganda. We have had more than five rig moves within the last five years in these regions.
Rigs mobilization

Dangerous Goods

Transeast Ltd has specialized in transportation of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods comprise Chemicals that have the potential to cause immediate harm to people, property and the environment.
The company has developed systems for inland transportation of Dangerous Goods. The system comprises well trained, equipped and motivated staff for handling Dangerous Goods. We also have a comprehensive Emergency Response Procedures to handle dangerous goods incidents during transportation.
As a worst case scenario we transport Sodium Cyanide from the sea port of Mombasa to our clients in Northern Tanzania.
As the transport division of Freight Forwarders Kenya, Transeast Ltd has implemented the International Cyanide Management Code (known as the cyanide code) for safe transportation of sodium cyanide.
This system has successfully undergone audits organized by the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI).
Following this audits the company is now a certified transporter of Sodium Cyanide.

Dangerous cargo

Cyanide convoy

Transeast Ltd under FFK is the only Kenyan company certified to this United Nations code.


Earth Moving Equipment


Earth moving equipment

Transeast boasts of a large clientele in mining industry due to superior technologies and equipment in cargo haulage and fleet management. This falls under the heavy haulage division which utilizes specialized trailers and techniques.


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